Placing Bets in Craps According to House Edge

For players to excel in casino games like craps, they must understand how the house edge works and how it affects different wagers. In short, players should stick to bets that have a low house edge in order to win more frequently.

High Payoffs for Dangerous Odds

When the odds of winning a bet are very low, the payoffs are high. This is because the casino has a high house edge and the likelihood of the house collecting money is much greater than the likelihood of the player actually winning the bet. Conversely, casinos offer very low payouts for bets with low house edges. This is particularly true when the player has a 50/50 or greater chance of winning the bet. Though the payoffs are small, this is usually the best route.

How Odds are Calculated in Craps

Before a player can become effective at craps, they must first understand why some bets are better than others. Craps is played with two dice and revolves around the player accurately guessing the sum of the dice in a single roll within a set of possibilities. There are 11 possible results and some are certainly more likely than others. For instance, while there is only one way to roll a two, there are four different ways to come up with a total score of nine. This means that the odds of rolling a nine are much greater.

The Payout

Since the payout for more risky bets is inherently higher, many players choose to go this route and let Lady Luck dictate the outcome. However, in order to play safely, it is best to choose bets that provide the player with a better chance of winning. After all, many small wins over an hour is much better than many losses in the same time frame.

Players who want to become proficient at craps should always be sure to understand the house edge and how it affects the odds of winning. Small, safe bets are always better than large risky ones.